Addiction is a condition where somebody gets used to a particular drug or substance to the extent that he/she cannot function without it. Many people have been tied-up in addiction problems and continue using substances despite harmful effects or consequences. The most common form of addiction includes sex addiction, drug addiction, and many others. Substance abuse is among the major problems society is facing, and despite some people trying to quit the habit, they find themselves back in the vice again. The following points are reasons why it is difficult to get out of an addiction:

Unwillingness to Quit Addiction
The biggest difficulty in trying to quit an addiction is the absence of the will to stay sober. It is challenging to reform an addict who has no determination to overcome the addiction. People fail to recover because they expect other people to help them reshape their life and get accepted in the society. This is a big mistake addicts make due to the lack of the will to take control of their life themselves and therefore jeopardize steps taken at Drug Rehab to overcome addiction.

Ambivalence Concerning Sobriety
Addicts tend to develop mixed feelings about getting sober and fail to comprehend the benefits of staying sober clearly. They have conflicting ideas about drugs where they ambivalent about quitting drugs and continuing for the sake of pleasure and satisfaction. This will make them go back to drugs citing enjoyment making rehabilitation to be difficult.

Fear of Change
Fear of change is a common reason why a variety of addicts choose to remain in their addiction life rather than taking steps to quit. They fear to lose friends, lose their social life and start looking for new friends and adopting a different social life. They get frightened of the failure and the negative things they might encounter during their recovery period. The addicts fail to see the need to change and continue with drug abuse.

Unrealistic Expectations
Every addict who is enrolled in any recovery program tend to expect a lot of things about sobriety. They start having high expectations, and if they don’t see the fruits of the program, they become disillusioned and even go back to abusing drugs. They do not understand that getting sober is just the beginning of recovering from the addiction. They expect immediate results and therefore get disappointed if the program takes long and fail to yield any fruits, making them quit the program and ultimately fail to get out of addiction.

Failing to Understand the Significance of a Recovery Program
Many drug addicts believe that they can effectively refrain from drugs by themselves without joining any recovery program. This is where they go wrong because quitting addiction needs more than just recovering from the abuse. Recovery program assists to deal with relapse and helps you to fully recover and quit addiction successfully for a healthy and sober lifestyle.

More often, an addict cannot come out and accept that he/she is an addict. It will be difficult, if not impossible, to try and convince a person like this to join a recovery program and get help with addiction because to him, he is not addicted at all. This is among the major setbacks in the fight against addiction.