Yoga is not a religion but a way to attain healthy mind and healthy body. Many people do yoga to manage stress and anxiety which is ruling the current generation due to the hectic lifestyle. There are plenty of evidences that supports the importance of yoga in everybody’s life. Yoga not only bring the mental and physical discipline rather its benefits go beyond numbers.

We often wonder who can teach Yoga.

Yoga is not an aerobic exercise or dance movement that you could watch and reciprocate. Instead, it is an art form that is far more than teaching. A yoga instructors should have practiced and mastered the techniques in Yoga. But how exactly you get certified as Yoga teacher?

Out of curiosity and enthusiasm, individuals without proper research join a training institute and get Yoga Certification. Apparently, they cannot become a professional yoga instructor rather become a loony teacher or creepy yoga cult.

There are few aspects you need to consider before you join a yoga training center

·  Reputation of the center – Make a brief analysis of, how many years they are in the industry.  Look for some authentic recommendations for their skills and approach. Ensure, whether they can deliver desired training and offer balanced curriculum

·  Know your purpose – Not everyone wish to start a training center learning yoga. Some may learn for accomplishments, while some may learn for passion. So, know your purpose before joining the center and choose the right teacher that suits your style.

·  Aware about the cost- Many yoga centers requires the students to pay upfront cost during registration. If you looking something for return on investment, beware about the cost and ensure whether it is worth considering. However, this aspect is immaterial for individuals who learn yoga for their passion.

·  Get familiarized with the environment- Environment is vital during yoga practice. Yoga mainly aim to find your inner piece, so if the environment is not friendly, you cannot focus.

·  Make certain whether they are certified – Yoga mainly aims to get relief from sufferings, yoga students might have plenty of queries with regard to poses and anatomy of the topics. Unless the instructors are well-trained and certified, they cannot provide you with the proper training. So, this aspect is very crucial.

How to get certified in Yoga?

Individuals needs to meet a few requirement before they become a registered yoga cult like

·  Should get training in a certified yoga school – Learning a particular type of yoga will not help to become an instructor rather you need to specialize yourself in different aspects of yoga. They should be both physically demanding and meditative. In addition, they should provide relaxation to your body and mind. You can expect to meet these criteria only in a certified yoga school.

·  Ready to invest – Complete the programs that meets the guidelines met by Yoga anatomy. This may cost you hundreds of dollars. Apparently, spending for the right notion is good.

·  Continuous practice even after training – Becoming a yoga instructor does not stop with getting certified rather you need a regular and consistent training with other daily routines. You can also attend workshops and seminars to enhance your skills.

Closing Thoughts

There is no law stating that only certified people should teach yoga, however yoga is a kind of exercise, so if not taught with the right sense, it could cause potential injury and sometimes results in permanent impairment. Therefore, it is always advisable to teach yoga with proper credentials.