It is essential to know that all medical gloves are disposable.They are used to help and protect both the caregiver and patients from cross-contamination. To make health industry a safer and easier place to work in, it is essential to use a disposable glove so as to create a safety zone for both parties involved. In addition, they are made available in a variety of different polymers material such as Nitrile rubber, latex, Neorene and vinyl.

Some tattoo artist gloves come when powdered or unpowdered using cornstarch so as to lubricate the gloves, making them easier to put on caregivers hands. Before, they used lycoodium powder and talc to powder the gloves but later, it was replaced with cornstarch to avoid tissue irritation. Lycoodium powder was identifying to be the main cause of irritation of tissues. However, cornstarch is not as safe as it is presumed to be. Though it is extracted from a natural compound but if it gets into tissues such as during a surgery, then it might cause problem with healing injuries. As a result, health care professionals prefer using unpowered gloves. Nitrile is now becoming their most preferred disposable glove. The main reason being, it does not cause any allergy reaction for both the healthcare professionals and patients. Latex may cause allergic reaction in some cases.

Unpowdered gloves are often used during surgery and also on other sensitive procedures. Although to compensate for the lack of powder in gloves, special manufacturing processes are used to come out with the best glove.

There are major two types of medical gloves, these includes;

1. Examination gloves

2. Surgical gloves

Examination gloves

They can be either sterile or non-sterile. They are used on a daily basis for tasks such as in examining patients and also when handling sensitive materials.

Surgical gloves (disposable sterile gloves)

More often, surgical gloves are sterile and they tend to have precise sizing so as to guarantee fitness. They are made to a higher standard to fortify the best possible quality. In addition, they are more sensitive and this enables a specialist or a surgeon to perform a more accurate operation.

Important features of disposable sterile gloves

1. They are not just an ordinary gloves but acts as a shield for both the hand and the body as it creates a barrier over the skin to protect the person wearing it from harmful pathogen as well as contaminants.

2. They are waterproof. However, they offer good levels of resistance to so many chemical substances which provides further protection to its users.

3. Based on their special features of being skin-tight and manufactured using specialized process. They maintain grip in addition to touch sensitivity of the hands, making it to be different from other disposable gloves available. Therefore, it enables medical professionals to perform easily even the most delicate tasks with precision.

4. Medical gloves vary in thickness and production design of different types. Some models offer good resistance to sharp objects making them hard to pierce or even cut which protects its users from needle stick injury and also other sharp penetration injuries during the operations. To minimize penetration accidents, some healthcare professionals wear two pairs of gloves on top of the other.


When choosing the right kind of disposable sterile gloves (medical gloves), a lot of decisions and personal preferences are considered. Therefore, as technology continues to develop further, we will ultimately have more developments and discoveries in the area of disposable sterile glove.