Cheek augmentation basically restores your youthfulness. Individuals who have undergone cheek augmentation have basically fallen in love with the mirror, constantly marveling at liveliness they once had given up on.

There are many benefits of cheek augmentation but they mainly depend on the type of augmentation that you undergo, e.g. voluma creating great cheeks or some other procedure.

1. Maintain a younger look.
As you grow older, your face becomes thinner and looses fat which in turn leads to your cheeks sagging and they appear to be sunken in. With cheek augmentation your cheeks can be restored to look perky and round giving you a much younger look. cheek augmentation also fills and softens folds under the eye area

2. Non evasive
Cheek augmentation procedures performed with belafills for instance can be performed in the office making them less evasive which results to less hassle for you. Moreover if you are getting a facelift, this procedure can be done without additional incisions. This procedure is very fast and takes up to an hour to perform. The incisions performed are barely visible even with close inspection as they are done in the mouth, around your temple or around your lower eye lashes. In addition this procedure leaves no visible scars

3. Create fuller cheeks that are long lasting
Cheek augmentation using this silicon’s implants creates a more fuller effect after an increase of volume under the skin. This in turn slows down ageing of the bones around the cheeks.

4. Can be performed alongside other procedures
Cheek augmentation can be performed alongside other surgical procedures like eye surgery giving a further much younger look. It can also be an add on procedure for facelifts.

5. Implants can be removed.
If it becomes necessary the implants used in cheek augmentation can safely be removed although more often this is not necessary

6. Quick recovery periods
Although this varies from person to person, patients take up to a week to recover. Minimum swelling takes place and ice generally reduces this. It basically means that cheek augmentation procedures have low post-surgical risks. This means that there is no down time and normal daily activity can proceed unabated.

7. Materials used are safe and bicompatible.
Cheek augmentation involves the use of silicon materials. These materials can safely implanted under the skin without any adverse side effects. These materials come in solid and semi solid form and in various shapes and sizes ensuring that any man or woman can benefit from this procedure

8. Controllable results.
Cheek augmentation results can range from slight to dramatic. This gives the patience more room to choose the desired effect. An additional finer definition of your cheeks can be achieved with this procedure. To achieve this a highly qualified surgeon is required in order for you to achieve this.

9. Cheaper when compared to silicon implants.
The use of fillers in cheek augmentation makes it much cheaper when compared to silicon implants.

10. Boost self esteem
successful cheek augmentation will result to an increase in self confidence which boosts self esteem. Patients who have successfully undergone this procedure are consistently in love with their faces. This has greatly assisted improving on other areas in their social and professional lives